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Katia & Marielle LABEQUE - Boléro

Ravel’s Bolero is played for two pianos in the original arrangement from the composer. The percussionists have added the sound of the original basque percussions that Ravel loved so much.
Accidents of history, politics and geography have helped sustain the culture of the Basques, who live in the western Pyrenees Mountains adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and spanning the border between France and Spain. And while only a small minority of Basques on the Spanish side align themselves with the sometimes violent secessionist movements dedicated to carving out a totally autonomous Basque republic, Basques in general are fiercely protective of their language, customs and traditions.
The Basque group comprised of three singer/instrumentalists, is one of many groups dedicated to promoting Basque culture. Instrumental accompaniment of percussion instruments have been hand-crafted by group members. Perhaps the most famous Basque instrument, which appears on several tracks, is the txalaparta, a group of raised wooden planks suspended on large baskets or sawhorses – in effect, a giant wooden marimba. The players strike the instrument either vertically, with the heel of a cylindrical stick, or horizontally. Two instrumentalists play the txalaparta simultaneously, one providing the melody and the other rhythmic accompaniment... Some of the music is visceral and tribal; some is elegant and almost courtly. The musicians are actively engaged in the growth and development of their traditions.