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Mikhail RUDY & Misha ALPERIN - Double Dream

The temptation to build a bridge between these two universes is permanent. Misha and I have had such a pleasure in making music together: Transforming, decomposing, recomposing, juxtaposing beautiful elements of classical compositions - looking, though with modesty, at some painters in history who revisited masters.
Mikhail Rudy

For Misha Alperin and Mikhail Rudy the music of Bach, Mozart, Schumann and Debussy et al can represent a starting rather than a finishing point, and their improvisations are a teasing and sophisticated mix of the urgan and elegiac.
Gramophone – Bryce Morrison

Double Dream is an exhilarating, liberated outing. Rudy writes that « nowadays it takes some courage to break the rules ». Music lovers should be happy that these two musicians have that courage.
Australian Stage – Chris May

They play this programme in the major venues - Londres King’s Place, Paris Théâtre du Trianon, Nanterre Maison de la musique, Paris Collège des Bernardins, Oslo Théâtre, Copenhagen Jazz Festival - and at such festivals as Sully sur Loire, La Moutte, Sydney, Montenegro, Jersey iFestival.