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Mikhail RUDY - Metamorphosis / Janacek - Quay Brothers

In half-light Mikhail Rudy plays his selection of Janacek pieces with inwardness, concentration and great sense of narration, while in very successful synchronisation with the unfolding of the film, which broods over dark images crossed by brief luminous flashes of lighting. - Gérard Honoré / Res Musica

Multimedia performance whereby Mikhail Rudy plays Janacek piano solo pieces in synchronization with an animated film by filmmakers the Quay Brothers on the theme of Kafka Metamorphosis.

The production was launched in Cité de la Musique Paris in March 2012 and was performed in three concerts at the New York MoMA, followed by performances in Metz Arsenal, Rouen Opera, Gent Musikcentrum-De Bijloke, Nanterre Maison de la musique, De Doelen Rotterdam, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, King’s Place Londo, among others.

The project has been selected as one of the ten best multi media projects of year 2013 by the ISPA Conference’s international jury.