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Mikhail RUDY - Mussorgski / Kandinsky - Pictures at an exhibition

" Mikhail Rudy conveyed ample color, character and spirit " New York Times

“The results were stunning; Rudy played in perfect coordination with the film and Kandinsky’s paintings quite literally soared (on a large screen) above the stage.” More than the Music

"Based on geometric shapes, colors, lines and colored lights, the paintings would match with the rhythm of music, a combination considered today a Total Art masterpiece" Culture France

"By providing unprecedented access to original drawings by Kandinsky, Rudy develops the idea of bringing back to life, for a contemporary audience, the famous 1928 performance through the use of animation videos" N.Y Times

Mikhail Rudy presents a multimedia performance of Modest Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition with animated projection of Kandinsky‘s watercolors sketches meant for the Art Total Exhibition at the Bauhaus in 1928 - film directed by Mikhail Rudy.

After the world premiere in 2010 at Paris Cité de la musique, Mikhail Rudy performed this program on the major international venues, among others: Amsterdam Musikgebouw, Londres Kings Place, Milan Auditorium, New York Guggenheim, Bilbao Guggenheim, Moscou Salle Svetlano, Saint Petersbourg Philharmonie, Rome Université, Séville Teatro de la Maestranza, Sao Paolo Sala Sao Paolo, Berne Zentrum Paul Klee, Metz Arsenal, Rouen Opéra, Nanterre Maison de la musique, : - and in reknowned festivals such as Hong-Kong, Wimbledon, Colmar, La Roque d’Anthéron, Mexico, La Chaise-Dieu

Centre Pompidou has published a DVD of the programme, which was projected during four months in their comprehensive exhibition Dance through Life.

In 5 years, this film has become an unanimously acclaimed reference.