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Mikhail RUDY & Jeff MILLS - When Time Splits

Pioneer of techno music Jeff Mills and international pianist Mikhail Rudy got together for a piano-DJ performance, a film-concert inciting to reflect on the notion of time, with the projection of the sublime images of Clouzot L’Enfer. 2015.

As a precursor and theoretician of techno music from the end of the 1980s, Jeff Mills never stopped creating without looking back.
His artistic ambition has always gone well beyond danse floor music and rather has invested into the mixed territories of dance and image (he wrote the music of Fritz Lang’s The Three Ages of Buster Keaton or Metropolis).
The techno maestro has offered a series of creations under the auspices of The Louvre, in collaboration with Mikhail Rudy, known for his concerts with the London Symphony Orchestra or the philharmonic orchestras of Berlin or Saint Petersburg.
Both musicians immerged themselves into the rushes of Henri-Geroges Clouzot’s famous unfinished film L’Enfer. The film director’s long sequences capture his star Romy Schneider’s face, subjecting it to an innovative and fascinating light device, inspired by kinetic art. Such material inspired the DJ and the pianist for their common score : time uniting or separating people.

After their first concert together in The Louvre Auditorium in February 2015, Mikhail Rudy and Jeff Mills will perform in Toulon Théâtre Liberté and Cognac Avant-Scène in May 2016.