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Jean Cocteau / Philip Glass - Les Enfants Terribles

Opera composed by Philip Glass, after Jean Cocteau’s novel. Stage director: Stéphane Vérité / Music Director: Emmanuel Olivier

"The children of the Game" is a novel of rare intensity, a psychological thriller from the pen of French polymath J. Cocteau. The novel tells the fervid story of Paul and Elisabeth, a brother and sister bound together by a vivid, ultimately fatal passion. Their life together is a spiral of desire, confrontation and provocation which ultimately leads to their destruction. Their bedroom becomes an impregnable fortress, encircled by the gathering clouds of their loves and jealousies.
Composer P. Glass has re-imagined this story as an opera, with music provided by three pianos. The resulting piece is simple, limpid, hypnotic and entrancing. S. Vérité’s stage direction brings out the claustrophobic intensity of the story, with digital technology used to project intriguing, surreal images which seem to emanate from the protagonists’ troubled psyches. This incendiary story is brought to life by four exceptional young singers, encased in a visual world of unsettling power and strange beauty.Retour ligne automatique

Coproduction Opéra National de Bordeaux and Teatro Arriaga de Bilbao